Resisting Trump’s New American Reich

It’s been too long since I added a post here. The time between November’s election and today, a month after Donald Trump assumed the Presidency, has been difficult almost beyond words.
Like so many of you, the last three months for me have been a cyclonic swirl of emotions: disbelief, anger, fear, loss, desperation, and at times hopelessness.
What do we do, now that the reins of power have been handed to a monster?
How do we go forward as we see a would-be, Hitleresque tyrant start trying to mold the government, and the country, to his will?
How do we combat and resist the hatred and while supremacist nationalism that now seeks to consolidate its power at the seat of the world’s most powerful country?
How do we prevail against the extremist beliefs of the far Christian right that now openly aligns itself comfortably with white supremacists like the KKK?
How do we defeat the voices of hate and extremist nationalism, keep extremist religion from inserting itself into the governance of our country and preserve the constitution?
How do we maintain America as the home of the brave and more importantly, the land of the free?
How do we keep the Trump/Republican extremists from leading us into another American Revolution, another Civil War, or unthinkably, a third world war?

The answer is to keep raising our voices and resisting the spread of the monster virus that is today’s White House and far right extremism. We have to stay proud and loud, firm and courageous. We have to keep educating the rational and responsible arm of the Republican party. We have to reach out to the rational and responsible middle ground of American voters who are fearful and who felt they were voiceless, who thought that Donald Trump was worth a chance and might not be as bad as he sounded.

We have to keep resisting and we have to keep informing and raising awareness.

We have to make it clear, every day and every hour, that the United States of America does not belong to Donald Trump, or Steve Bannon. It does not belong to the KKK or the extreme “Christian” right. It belongs to all Americans. It belongs to Americans who still believe that the Statue of Liberty, not the use of the military to attack immigrants, is what this country is about.

I posted this last night, and someone thought I meant it as a joke. Let’s be clear. It’s not a joke. It is the Nazi Germany of Hitler that Donald Trump and Steve Bannon and the Republican party are intent on making of this country if we allow it.
…Attacks on minorities, and immigrants in a country that used to point to Lady Liberty’s torch as our beacon…
…Blatant attempts to delegitimize the free press and condition the citizenry into accepting that only “the leader” knows the real truth…
…Intent to massively increase the military and police forces…
…Intent to use the armed forces to round up “undesirables”…
…Massive gaslighting, the issuance of one large lie after another backed up by threats…
…Reliance on a hateful minority that shares its own racism and bigotry as its base…

Those of us who pay attention have come to realize that no amount of truth, no collection of facts, no comparison to history’s lessons, no spotlight on the awful realities of this administration, no observations from the leaders of our allied countries, no psychological evaluations of Trump’s psychosis, will dent that hateful base of Trump’s 4th Reich. They will not see the sickness and the corruption because they revel in it.

Our only hope for saving this country, and possibly the world, lies in raising the awareness of large numbers of responsible and rational conservatives who voted for this monster of a man because they felt that it was worth taking a chance that his evils “…might not be that bad,” in exchange for putting what they perceived as a voice of conservatism in the White House.

Our hope lies in helping those people to see that their role of the dice turned up snake eyes, tinged with hatred and blood. Our hope lies in getting those responsible and rational conservatives to realize that nothing, not abortion, not LGBT rights, not ISIS and the Taliban, not fear, NOTHING is worth following the road that Trump and Bannon and their Reich are building.

And we have to make it loudly and stridently known to all that it will NOT happen here, that we the free will NOT let it happen here, that Nazis and white supremacists and religious extremists are NOT welcome in our government. And we need to do today, tomorrow, and every day for as long as it takes.

Time is running out.

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