Donald Trump Second Most Admired? Really?

Donald Trump- 2nd Most Admired?

So Donald Trump was the second most admired man in America? That just doesn’t make sense. That’s crazy. Obviously he is nowhere near Barack Obama as a President or a man. But how does he even come in second? Or third? Or three hundred and seventy-eighth?
I mean, just think about it. Donald Trump coming in as America’s second most admired man renders the whole discussion pointless. Pitiable. An exercise in mockery, grotesquery. It would be bad enough if he showed up anywhere in the top eight hundred thousand or so. But no. This power hungry, ignorant, Hitler hopeful, dictator wannabe on the edge of dementia is SECOND???
Are you kidding me? Do you realize what that says about us as a nation? It makes me wonder who was third. Charles Manson?
North Korea at least has an excuse for Kim Jong In always winning. People who don’t vote for him disappear. But America? Selecting Donald Trump right behind Barack Obama? That’s nuts. That is beyond fathom.
And we call ourselves an intelligent nation? An enlightened nation? I’ve got a news flash for you. If Donald Trump is the second most admired man in America, it means this country has much bigger problems than North Korea.
If Donald Trump can come in a close second on this list, It means we have a huge schism between intelligence and ignorance, compassion and hatefulness, rationality and insanity.
It means hate, bigotry, racism, misogyny, greed, white supremacy and dangerously distorted religious cultism are as admired, and practiced, as their opposites. It means the republic of America is in dire straits.
If Donald Trump can be the second most admired man in America, someone had to have pushed the self destruct button. God. help. us. all.

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