Hi. I’m Barry. I spent forty years of my life as a high school teacher, with side excursions into broadcasting and the hospitality industry. I dabbled a bit in other things along the way. I taught theatre and acting, debate and competitive speech, film and writing. I’ve spent most of my life teaching, acting and directing. I still act and direct and teach in that extension of life we call retirement.

Teachers and artists have a lot in common. We observe, study, analyze, contemplate and react to the people, the society and the world around us. Artists, especially, tend to muse about the meanings and directions, the whys and wherefores, and substance of life and humanity. It’s a substantial part of who we are. It is at the core of what we do.

I titled this blog Musings From the Top Step because it is my thoughts and feelings and reactions to whatever comes into my mind, and because the top step is where I like to sit. Here you will find two kinds of things. The first, or maybe the second, is my considerations and reflections about this human race. The second, or perhaps the first, is a collection of short pieces, from whimsical to mysterious, humorous to serious, that I hope will entertain.

Thanks for reading.


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