Something Important called RACE

A quote from Charles Barkley has garnered attention recently. This is the quote:
  We as black people, we are never going to be successful, not because of you white people, but because of other black people. It’s a dirty dark secret. You know when there are young black kids doing well in school, the loser kids tell ’em, “Oh, you’re acting white.”
For some reason we are brainwashed to think if you’re not a thug or an idiot you are not black enough.
-Charles Barkley
It was posted on Facebook and immediately picked up by some right wingers who jumped on it is the be-all/end-all statement on the subject. They eagerly commented on it and used it as ammunition for an attack on left wingers and of course, yet another attack on President Obama. They were piling on like ants on a pile of sugar.  Of course they were off base in much of their vitriol, just as the left is frequently wrong in much of its generalized venom against the right. My thoughts, as they appeared in that comment threat, follow.
There is so much truth to what Charles says. I am also one that has long appreciated that he speaks his mind. I am VERY DISAPPOINTED, however, that so many of the extreme right wingers here have taken this as an opportunity to bash Democrats and particularly our President. You folks don’t know what you are talking about for one very large reason, and it’s the same reason so many of my Democratic friends don’t know what they are talking about either. The reason is this. It’s not a simple case of all this way or all the other way, people. There is ample blame to go around. And this is an issue that will NOT be resolved until BOTH sides of the political spectrum realize that the only true reason they want to lay ALL of the blame on the OTHER side is so they can avoid taking any responsibility at all for their OWN side’s contributions to the problem. It’s about three or four generations past time for people on BOTH sides to commit to COMING TOGETHER to find, if I may paraphrase the words of JFK, not the Democratic solution, and not the Republican solution, and not the white solution or the black solution, but the RIGHT solution. People who genuinely need help, need help, and those who are physically able need to also be offered, and expected to accept, education and training to help them improve their life. The radical white class needs to realize that they really have NO understanding of the genuine race-related problems black people face, nor any real knowledge or appreciation of the white race’s contribution to the black problem, while the radical black class needs to realize that all white people don’t hate them, stop crying foul every time it is suggested that they, and especially the black radical youth, have to start accepting their own responsibility to lift themselves up. This isn’t just a white problem, people, nor is it just a black problem. It’s not a Democrat problem or a Republican problem. It is ALL of that, and it is, first, foremost, and always, an AMERICAN problem. It will be addressed and solved as an AMERICAN problem or it will not be solved at all.

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